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Government of Florida 2019

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Government of Florida Operations 2017-2019

Like a tumbler, the information is input evaluated, and some is useful, some is not useful. The GoF is a reference. Some information is accurate, some is not; all is useful for building a true, false, mid assessment. The evalaution and structure eventuially yields a construction phase or deconstruction phase. (An arkist of florida, construtionist or deconstructionist.)

The GOAL here recognizes the weakness in state defense, and builds such that we have little reliance on an absent defense from the state or federal governments.

Plans for defense in florida

The Government of Florida was sold to me for $11.99 on a state internet computer system, and the coin weight equivelance is made at midnight and dispursed to the county on behalf of, and returning control, to the Government of Florida, removing attachement to the digital domain and estbalishing a service to the land. The creation of the state is empowered by those authorituies forcing its creation. We are seeking men to help with the defense strategy of the territory as the old state is toppled by agents of the old state, and use of eminent domain to acquire old military bases in the territory proceeds, to provide and/or suppliment an absent state and national territory defense. We have access, ligitmate access, to over 30,000 fleet aircraft and fleet vessels of the US navy with retrofit strategy. Once emminent domain is used to acquire these abnadoned base locations, we should begin Section 6 strategic acquisition and subsequent conversion process.

The florida department of defense is going to have an updated interface soon! This development will include the defense and other work neccessary for the county. Operation scud proff and other oeprations are going to migrated tot the first FDOD task list, and further depricated or improved based on re-evaluation of intelligence.

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