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Like a tumbler, the information is input evaluated, and some is useful, some is not useful. The GoF is a reference. Some information is accurate, some is not; all is useful for building a true, false, mid assessment. The evalaution and structure eventually yields a construction phase or deconstruction phase. (Arkist of florida, constructionist or deconstructionist.)

The GOAL here recognizes the weakness in state defense, and builds such that we have little reliance on an absent defense from the state or federal governments.

The topics of discovery, need to be moved to the florida department of defense. The florida department of defense, is 1/1 for florida counties defense and represents x/67 of florida counties, while considered 1/50th of the national pentagon as opposition or ally and where revenue and other considerations are concnerned while managing that 1/50 of national for deconstructive efforts. This group is exploring the creation of the ALDOD, Alabama Department of Defense, GADOD Georgia Department of Defense, and the LADOD Lousianna Department of Defense, TXDOD Texas Department of Defense, additional to others. This work decentralizes the lack of observation or command from the national department of defense, benefiting the state and defense of the citizens without need to force observation of requirmement or neccessity for ally during a dispute among states and counties of this nation or of other nations and their intelligence or military. These projects are considered to help challenge the airborne delivery of weapons across the southern united states.

The problems and other work load as operations or other specialist consider each problem or request for the Agency, including analysts, is to be transferred to these directories and protected by password, until otherwise noted.

Transfer of projects to FLDOD for consideration
Does not garantee FLDOD will pick up these projects. (project duration since 2014) (project duration since 2015) (project duration since 2019) (project duration since 2015, project started in 2020) (project duration since 2014)

These projects are being transferred to FLDOD, and will not be available to the general public without access to the FLDOD defense operations platform. The Department of Defense Intelligence or other intelligence practices part of this development project, will use models for tracking the flights already being considered and additional other tools for sharing information among counties and persons, and furthering that civil effort, and further places access or software for use among the florida counties for such purposes of defense, when neccessary.

Operations such as operation scud proof.

Other operations and assets or military and defense related considerations for the FLDOD. The FLDOD is formed and considered early as part of the government of florida, and with emphasis across the profile of Department of Defense initittives we control each project the pentagon deplys inside this territory with oversight and right to disarm, dismantle or otherwsie challenge these programs of one type or naother, or weapons targeting our own people and communities, for deconstruction. This directive in some places, resovles a $700,000,000,000, seven hundred billion dollar annual budget for the pentagon and recognizes those other budgets across other nations, and works to remove weapons, tracking, war related issues, deconstruct enemy deployments, those of organzied crime, qualified as act of aggression or war by number deployed, and more. This unit resolves the pentagons lack of deconstructive effort since ww2 and for the defense of the state. These technicans might idenitfy some assets listed here, are not weapons, are are not a concern for the DOD. These projects or oeprations might retain oversight, but management will be nmoved away from FLDOD if such consideration is made.

The initial presentation of this unit is not a constructionist, as wholistic approach. Construction projects are early limited to a real scope of operations with definite path to end the project when goals are complete. Meaning, the development of OSP, operaton scud proof is to prevent the civilian and military planes from damaging our skies, woodlands, ecosystems and communities, to test and inspect those planes and fallout, and to further collect samples form the field for evaluation , tracking or intelligence purposes as stated or later modified. We intend to build the defense, and when the problem of the flights in our skies is resolved, we close the project or transfer the project to other locations like airport security, state airline police, or more while providing the neccessary consulting until hand off is complete. OSP Volusia, has a constructionist approach, limited in scope and definition to that time when the operation is no longer needed, has no real value for defense that is not part of other projects to patrol the skies or otherwise intercept and escort possible weapons. The construction of OSP Volusia is now indicated as part of FLDOD, and has a specific purpose stated, a specific intent to construct that defense indicated, and is shown to the general public some intend to deconstruct sorties of Scud planes, airborne or other attacks, geo enginnering disguises, and more. A definite end to OSP Volusia operations is also indicated.

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